Significant Shareholders

Significant Shareholders

The table below lists VEIL’s significant shareholders as of 03 July 2020:

ShareholdersNumber of voting shares%-age of holding
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust25,049,17311.48%
Sirius Investment Fund SICAV-SIF21,987,13310.10%
City of London Investment Management Company Limited19,060,6708.74%
Platinum Investment Management Limited and Platinum World Portfolios Plc11,497,4435.27%

Shareholders need to comply with the notification and disclosure requirements set out in Chapter 5 of the Transparency Rules of the UK Financial Conduct Authority. If it comes to the attention of the Directors that a shareholder has not within the requisite period disclosed their holding in the Company, the Company may, inter alia, at the discretion of the Directors, notify the shareholder that their shares in relation to the holding shall not be entitled to a vote, either in person or in proxy, at any general meeting of the Company.

Directors' Interest In Shares

The interest of the Directors of VEIL in the shares of VEIL were as follows as at 30 June 2020:

DirectorNumber of voting shares%-age of holding
Gordon William Lawson25,0000.01%
Dominic Timothy Charles Scriven36,4230.02%